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Our safe wash techniques stand alone in the car valeting industry, innovated to gently clean paint work then hand polished with advanced professional wax to provide protection.

Why Valet?
Everyone washes their pride and joy so why choose a valeting service?
Well, can you remember the way your car looked when you first purchased it, the new clean fresh smell when you was seated in it?

This is what you get when you have your vehicle professionally valeted. The car you purchased didn't look like that when it came from the factory. It was professionally valeted before being collected by you.
Additionally, having your car professionally cleaned ensures it looks in perfect condition and will also prolong the life of it.

What About Cost?
Valeting services are widely available and costs can vary. We offer good value for money and are dedicated in providing the highest standards possible. We will not leave a car until it is up to the high standard we attain to - no matter how long it takes.

You can get a cheap valet but are you getting a professional service? You can get cheaper products and services but does the quality match up?

Like everything, you do get what you pay for and your vehicle is probably one of the largest investments you have (apart from your house), so why compromise?

All our valeters have had full comprehensive training in vehicle preparation. We don't contract out our services to other valeting companies (many do!) so we know you will get a first class service every time. The price you are quoted is the price you pay. We don't charge by the hour or add extra charges because it took longer than expected.

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