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Copyright Infringement Warning

It's easy to copy content from a web site or brochure and try to claim it as your own. Using another companies hardwork is not only illegal but shows that you have no intellect to create your own company portfolio or statement (which doesn't say much about your business does it?). All text, image and other materials contained or displayed on any Arden Auto Val (AAV) Internet Web site are proprietary to AAV and constitute valuable intellectual property. No materials from any part of any AAV site are authorised or intended by AAV to be downloaded, transmitted, broadcast, reproduced or in any other way used or otherwise disseminated in any form to any person or entity, except for personal reference. All unauthorised duplication or any other use of materials from AAV Web sites, including, but not limited to, ebay or other auctions, newsgroups, e-mail, your own Web site, or in offers to resell AAV products/services using similar names or descriptions, shall constitute intentional infringement(s) of AAV intellectual property and shall further constitute a violation of our trademarks, copyrights, and other rights, including, but not limited to, rights of privacy.
Without further notice we will prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by law.

We hold the right to demand that the ISP remove the infringing material from the internet and its servers.

You have been warned!

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